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Namaste. As a Therapeutic Yoga practitioner and instructor, and foremost, as a Mystic, I’ve learned to “listen” closely to my innermost Self. And in turn, through my own healing journey, I have learned to listen to what your unique heart, body, and mind bring to the mat. Your yoga mat, therefore, becomes a beautiful and welcoming healing space and place for you and your life. A place of presence and a point of clarifying focus, whereon you are more able to connect to your own personal discovery and healing journey. My Private Yoga sessions will create an authentic, deeply satisfying yoga and life practice for you…One that aligns you with your most resonant and fulfilling experience of self~discovery on all levels of your being. Each one of us needs a space and time wherein we immediately feel the weights of our lives completely drop away. This healing space, I bring to you.

One purposes and pathway of Yoga is to “yoke” or connect you with an experience of your truth, wellbeing, restoration, center, and inner joy. Yoga can be an open field of natural peace~making within you. I co~create an enjoyable space where you can collect your complexity and gently lean it towards simplicity and spaciousness within. My yogic guidance helps you learn to meet yourself wherever you are with an easing into your being. As we join together in yoga practice, I offer my strength in helping you deepen your  dedication to drawing near whatever You are wanting and needing most in your life, in the here and now, including: 










…And more. Whatever it is you are seeking from your Yoga practice, and from your life, I am here to help assure that you cultivate it, naturally and effectively. Deepening your Yoga practice ultimately deepens your personal attunement and understanding of yourself. I bring a philosophical emphasis on steadiness and ease into this profoundly beneficial self-care approach. 


Depending on your inclination, I incorporate “asana” (the physical form and postures of Yogic practice), formal breath work, heart centered awareness, metta loving~kindness practice, mantra, Tibetan healing bowls and various soothing instruments, mudra (hand postures that transmit elevated states of mind and mood) visualization work, affirmations, aromatherapy, and other integrative therapies from my adjunct education and therapeutic offerings. My Certified Private Yoga instruction is entirely personalized to meet your distinctly individual wellness needs and desires! I tailor your Private sessions very thoughtfully, creating a unique, restorative, refreshing, deeply stress-reducing and healing experience that you will feel on all levels of your being as you practice! I meet you exactly where you are with compassionate, intuitive guidance as I craft your Yoga experience with a highly specialized touch.

I create an environment for you that feels deliciously good, attuned, and authentic; one that equally leaves you feeling centered, balanced, restored and psychologically uplifted as your session seals in blissful Savasana (resting pose). I focus on You and foster a restoration to your wellbeing.
And I relish in fostering the attentive and rewarding Me~Time atmosphere that my targeted Private Yoga instruction offers to you.

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