Yoga Therapy (Part 2)

“Being a mentor is my life’s call and passion. Each and every session is a precious, joyful extension of my true calling to serve you on your journey into wellness, healing, balance, and bliss”

I do specialize in my own Signature “Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga Blend”, though I absolutely enjoy leading Private Yoga sessions of all varieties that help you feel better in your own skin. My Private instruction is dynamic, attentive and offers more to you than a standard “restorative group class.” My instruction is further empowered by a life-long Yoga practice and study. Practicing Yoga with me will be unique and enriching as I draw influence from multiple integrative therapeutic modalities, including my holistic roles as a Certified Life Coach, energy worker “co-healer” of AcuMind TherapySM, a practitioner of both EFT (Emotional Freedom Techinique) and of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). All of these collectively enhance the quality of your customized Private sessions.

Yoga is a passageway opening into the most liberated version of your Self.

Thus, at the heart of my Private Yoga sessions, there also beats an invitation to an evolving practice of personal exploration and “beingness”. For those interested in exploring the rich benefits of Therapeutic and Restorative Private Yoga sessions, I bring an easeful energy and atmosphere to these sessions, helping you experience a more mindful and calm state of being. These highly rewarding sessions are incredibly beneficial at both preventing and reducing stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension, dysthymia, frustration, burn~out, headaches, and more. I help you create a comfortable and relaxed feeling in your body, mind, and emotions. As we delve into the positive aspects of your self~expression and find a relaxed, reinforcing way of being, I assist you in quieting the distractions and oftentimes illusions of the mind and world at large.

My Private Yoga sessions ultimately help you to bring your Body, Mind, and Emotions back into alignment and harmony with each other. At the end of your sessions, you will feel better on all levels. This is the dedication of the practice.

Join me as I take you on a lovely journey into calm, contentment, peacefulness, and vitality. Truly, the highest form of happiness awaits you in the profoundly approachable and restoring physical practice that I craft for you!

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