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Ground-breaking scientific research and ancient healing wisdom assert that consciously cultivating Mindfulness techniques while undergoing physical therapies dramatically enhances long-term symptom relief. This includes relief from anxiety, stress, tension, pain, and more. Integrative Mind-Body-Heart therapies are also proven to enhance future prevention from associated physical and mental pain symptoms.

Current research emphasizes how integrative treatment and prevention methods, for both body and mind, are foundational in creating long-lasting and dramatic health results. And yet, most mainstream medical approaches continue to address only half of our widespread health crises by treating physical symptoms exclusively-after they have become chronic.

Throughout our stress-fueled culture we have all become aware of the imminent need to cultivate wellbeing in our lives. Mind-Body health concerns and ailments have become exacerbated as we grapple with the detrimental effects of living in a fast-paced society; one lacking in physiological and psychological nurturance, and treatment.

Our sessions decisively bridge this Mind-Body treatment gap, providing you with a model that targets all levels of your being. AcuMind Therapy’sSM integrative wellness approach answers your need for a comprehensive medical model, clinically employing cutting-edge scientific data into a highly effective Mind-Body healing treatment and technique.

We are thrilled to offer the community a distinctly integrative healthcare approach that radically blends Mind-Body preventative treatments into one unique approach. Join us to enhance the profound and lasting health benefits gained from acupuncture, restoration, deep relaxation, and guided Mindfulness facilitation.

AcuMind Therapy’sSM Mission:
To offer an inclusive method for bridging the healing gap between Mind-Body practices. Our clinical model was formed with the purpose of answering the community’s multilevel needs for replenishing the wellsprings of energy, vitality, longevity, and improved quality of life.  As we believe that everyone has the power to enhance their physical and mental health, we offer practical stress-reducing applications for managing physical and emotional pain, while enhancing the overall quality of your life. Our sessions emphasize solutions for creating inner peace and physical balance for the totality of your dynamic Mind-Body healing goals.

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