Meditation & Energy Work

Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy Work techniques are truly much easier to approach, and so much more accessible than many understand! These terms are used abundantly in our culture, and yet I have found over the years that many of us misunderstand the realistic and applicable version of their meaning and practice. And this is where both my personal practice and professional expertise meet you! 
As an Integrative and Holistic practitioner, I help you fluidly incorporate Mindfulness traditions into your life. Mindfulness can be applied practically, effortlessly, and most important, authentically into your every day life experiences. I infuse Mindfulness, Meditation and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) techniques througout all of my Integrative Wellness and Healing Modalities. My approach is straight-forward, insightful, informative, and highly effective for you! And my greatest goal is to help you learn how to effortlessly unlock the incredibly rewarding benefits of these ancient and highly transformative practices in your sessions with me so that they may serve you in the broader scope of your every day life and highest well-being.

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