Heidi’s Yoga Philosophy and Approach

My Yogic philosophy stems from the understanding and foundational belief that we are already “there.” My Yogic background emphasizes the Mind~Body-Heart connection of Yoga. As we practice together, my instruction focuses on a synthesis between your inner (psychological, emotional, physiological) and outer (physical body). All the while, I craft unique instruction to meet your preferences. My Yogic practice and study includes the “8 limbs” of Yoga, with philosophy drawing from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The penultimate 2000 year old elegant and mysterious Yogic text offering all Yogis psycho-spiritual threads of wisdom for deeper self-inquiry, interpretation, and mastery.

Merging with the wisdom of ancient Yogic texts and practices, my instruction is a synthesis of rich traditional roots and a very creative Signature Yoga Blend all my own. This method is at once very practical, psychologically enriching. and effective at enlivening your goals while honoring your personal values. I aim to deepen the breadth of your practice with uniquely intuitive and individualized instruction, using Yoga as a method of creating a healthy “life practice” both on and off the mat. I positively delight in leading creatively crafted Private Yoga sessions that bring you into alignment with your greatest wellbeing, restoration, and inner joy! I am expertly trained and Certified in all “Yoga Levels.” Fundamentally and philosophically, there really are no “levels” when practicing with me, as I believe that the heart of Yoga inspires a gentle moving away from the inner critic and competitor, and invites a moving inward towards self-acceptance and harmony with who we are.

Therefore, as you join with me in this practice, growth is an innate and quite natural result of your Yoga. You don’t have to be “better” at Yoga. Instead, you can set the intention to challenge your growth and learn how to be an even more joyful, peaceful, and healthy being, one breath and one asana (Yoga pose) at a time.

Peace Within,



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