“EFT is a self-applied treatment that is most effective when taught by a live, experienced practitioner who can interface with you and help you as you process and release what you are consciously aiming to release, as well as further help you process and release ‘what comes up’ spontaneously while practicing the technique.”

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a researched-based, powerfully effective Mind-Body therapeutic healing modality that integrates the Chinese meridian system into the healing process by “tapping” on meridian points with your fingertips. EFT is a straightforward and natural practice that fosters a dynamic processing and releasing of the psychological “holding patterns” of pain that have been unconsciously established within the energetic body systems (including the mental, emotional, and physical bodies). When practiced skillfully, EFT can help to remove these unconscious holding patterns that otherwise tend to dictate our thoughts and emotions, and further inhibit the “letting go” or healing process necessary for pain relief, growth, and psychological thriving.

Ultimately, cutting edge research is now demonstrating how EFT promotes new neurological pathway development for the alleviation of pain, the promotion of greater Mind-Body health, cognitive flexibility, and “emotional freedom,” or healing and wellbeing.

Foremost, EFT is experiential and deeply personal, and must be practiced and explored in order to truly experience the emotional freedom that it can offer you.

What is also quite remarkable about EFT is that while it powerfully reinforces the healing process, it does so significantly faster than engaging conventional therapeutic modalities alone. EFT has a reputation of successfully and succinctly ‘getting to the heart of the healing matter’. Thousands upon thousands of people from across the world experiencing a vast continuum of symptoms associated with a great range of diagnoses have reported rapid results from the effective and notably lasting effects of EFT. While it is ultimately a straightforward, easy, and natural practice, again, in order to achieve the desired and lasting results, it is highly recommended to learn EFT with a live and experienced practitioner working and processing with you face to face as “things come up”.

I combine Life Coaching sessions with EFT in order to supplement and safeguard your practice and process, thereby strengthening your results with all of my combined therapeutic modalities in the healing and helping fields.

I will provide you empowered guidance though your practical learning of Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as assure that your sessions are rooted in the original EFT practice guidelines. Processing personal issues has a fundamentally psychological component, and this is one important reason why having the support of an experienced professional is truly key to achieving success and results.

I am inspired to help you reach the emotional freedom and long-lasting results that you seek. Join me in EFT.

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