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Introducing AcuMind TherapySM, our exclusive Heart-Mind-Body integrative treatment healing model. Resting deeply in your AcuMind TherapySM  session, you will be guided towards increased physical, mental, and emotional wellness through conjoined Acupuncture, Progressive Relaxation and Mindfulness Practices, Heart-Centered Healing, Breathing Techniques, Sound, Vibrational and Energy Clearing, Guided Meditation, Visualization,  Affirmation Techniques, and Body Scanning, among other practices. Neuroscientific research and Positive Psychology richly inform these remarkably unique sessions. For those inclined. Shamanic Journeying can equally be incorporated. Our enriching sessions help you release negativity, clear, cleanse and balance your inner landscape, and help you find harmony in your being while restoring equilibrium to your body and energy systems. Sessions target alleviation and reduction of symptoms resulting from:







…And more. During your exclusive AcuMind TherapySM sessions, practitioners Steven D. Kanovitz, L.Ac. and Heidi Joy Kanovitz, M.A., combine acupuncture with deeply relaxing, releasing, and ancient mindfulness facilitations. We co-facilitate one groundbreaking methodology with profound treatment and prevention outcomes that guide you towards a more comfortable, relaxed, centered and peaceful inner world. Our conjoined Acupuncture and Heart~Mind~Body nourishing sessions emphasize inner tranquility, stress-regulation, stress-reduction, relaxation. restoration, calm, and easing into healing.  

Foremost, AcuMind TherapySM sessions offer what has become widely acknowledged as a dependable Heart~Mind~Body methodology for upleveling your emotional. mental, and physical clarity, and experience of self in day-to-day life. Our method assists you in building resiliency and vibrant health into the foundation of your life.

These sessions are highly experiential and incredibly satisfying. We warmly invite you today to experience the wonderful benefits and uniqueness of our effective treatment!

AcuMind Therapy’sSM core aim is to provide an integrative treatment for pain reduction and stress prevention. AcuMindTherapySM promotes powerful, sustaining results in the improved quality of your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

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