“Growth is a magical happenstance; one that blossoms most efficiently without pressure or force.”

You are born with a birthright; an intrinsic capacity to experience wellness, happiness, and fulfillment. Every new day, you have the opportunity to empower your life by creating clarity, healing, and attunement within yourself. Self~care is a transformative act of self-love, and a doorway opening into the emotional freedom that ultimately leads to wellbeing, interpersonal satisfaction, and contentment. 

Let’s Begin.

Hello there, my name is Heidi Joy Kanovitz. It is with the warmest greeting that I welcome you into the healing sanctuary of your growth and wellbeing. I hold my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). My integrative roles as a Certified Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, AcuMindSM Therapy Facilitator, and Heart~Centered Mindfulness/Meditation Practitioner will help you evolve into the most empowered and attuned version of your Self. I help you learn to release from within what binds you; heal your patterns and pain, lean into your wellness potential, and affirm your dreams and desires~ (even those you might not know are awaiting you). Today is a precious new marker of potential peace in your life. I offer you a safe space to begin, from wherever you are, to strengthen your innermost Self!

Regardless of past-to-present negative people, circumstances, influences, losses, or events in your life, I am here to help you empower yourself to create emotional freedom and personal satisfaction, in the here and now. With full awareness of wherever you are coming from now, be it from a place of interpersonal hurt, confusion, loss, misalignment in your life, or otherwise~you and I can join together today to help embolden your connection to whatever you need most as you deepen your dedication to Self and process. Because you see, within your innermost Self is where your power lies in wait. And I have the special kind of inner self that came into this world to help you actualize this truth and power. Together we will gently explore and deepen your personal commitment to creating positive transformations within the layers of your life. I am here for you, offering the wisdom of my understanding, compassion, and support. And I am deeply inspired to help you align with your higher self and healing. 

You are the only person that can hold yourself back, and you are the only person that can set yourself free. Today is a choice: I invite you to uplift yourself and your energy. Say yes to your life, and your life will say yes to you! 

Join me in this great transformational adventure of personal freedom,

Let’s begin!

“I invite you to take a deep breath into the realization that what you desire most is in your immediate capacity to create within your life the very moment you decide to become Empowered.”

About Heidi

Heidi Joy Kanovitz, M.A., earned her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University, Santa Barbara. Heidi is a practicing Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, and a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor specializing in Private Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga sessions. Heidi is the founder and principle practitioner of AcuMind TherapySM. Her study and practice of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction),  Mindfulness techniques and traditions, heart~centered healing, and breath~work informs her dynamic therapeutic foundation. As a holistic practitioner, Heidi warmly engages the journey of therapeutic facilitation and personal growth with genuine empathy, thoughtful expertise, and the wisdom of experience. 

Heidi’s empowered sessions honor and support the courageous and vital commitment individuals make to create radiant health and lasting wellness within their lives. Infused within the guiding principles of her work and philosophies are the therapeutic traditions of heart~centered loving kindness, positive psychology, empathy, breath~centered awareness, unconditional positive regard, neuroplasticity, and foremost a foundational belief in the transformational healing of personal empowerment. Heidi passionately believes in her clients’ innate abilities to heal and thrive, and she inspires them to create a life infused with empowerment and joy. Heidi’s supportive guidance will spark your personal insight. She will inspire you to reach new explorative depths while nurturing your well-being and improving the quality of your life.  

Heidi’s Core Specializations & Interests

~Self Empowerment & Transformation
~Accessing Heart~Healing, Joy and Fulfillment
~Finding Life Purpose and Meaning
~Relationship Concerns and Growth
~Restorative Yoga and Breathwork
~AcuMind TherapySM
~Mindfulness and Relaxation
~Meditation and Breath Practices
~Inner Alchemy: Energy Work and Co~Healing
~Self~Love and Metta Practice (Loving Kindness)
~Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity: The Power to Heal
~Spirituality and Personal Meaning
~Women’s Issues
~Aging Gracefully and Powerfully

Integrative Wellness Life Coaching

“We join together in helping you release yourself from the blocks, repetitious patterns, and challenges that are in the way of your wellbeing and happiness.”

Hello and Welcome. My name is Heidi Joy Kanovitz. My passion for growth and healing, living a joyful life, and what others have attributed asmy gift” has brought me to serve you as your Empowerment Life Coach. I am here for you, offering an inner sanctuary of trust and friendliness in the precious relationship we develop together. My Heart~Centered, Mind~Body traditions, and a life of deep experience, help to connect you with your own internal guidance and intuition as we explore together the journey of co~healing, growth and personal attunement. Doing so can more fundamentally align you with the powerful inner resources that lie in wait within you for meaningful healing transformations throughout your life. 

I help you resource authenticity and personal truth; strengthen your confidence, learn to trust yourself more, lean into the power of your heart and center, and validate your intuition while valuing the integrity and intelligence of your feelings. I gently and insightfully facilitate you in releasing pain and suffering, while assisting you in accessing the feelings, thoughts and choices that enliven the pulse and core of your greatest expression of wellbeing and happiness.  

Another way of understanding this, is to say that we join together to encourage your personal realization. Soul Exploration, or Inner~Self Journeying, is a return to your organic self. Finding your self~expression in our unique sessions is a foundational way of releasing pain so that you may access layers of yourself as of yet undiscovered. When you heal, you create space within you; space that can open upon an uplifted, more nurturing, more satisfying, and more fulfilling experience of Your Self and life. 

And as I help you enrich your relationship with your Self, your life, and your relationships, including your relationship with your past, can grow and transform. For when we truly nurture our relationship with our own being, our relationships and our past shift in the same growth direction. And I do assure you: This is the secret to personal joy and liberation.

I draw from a vast “toolbox” of clinical and experiential resources and insights to strengthen your growth adventure! Your Empowerment Life Coaching sessions are thoroughly nurtured by my clinical experience and great successes with helping my clients access more empowered  and healed versions of themselves (see my testimonials). I am known for helping my clients reach deeper levels of personal attunement, meaning, relaxation into wellness, releasing of pain, and entry into joy. 

I bring authenticity to your Life Coaching, informing sessions with my own personal growth on the empowerment journey.  And I want to emphasize here that “personal empowerment” will be defined expressly by You. I am your experienced guide and inspired mentor. And your particular version of personal empowerment and what you are seeking in your life right now will be wholly and distinctly unique to your own growing edge, your life vision, insight, and most importantly, your desires.

Together we can build your courage and dedication to truly make, and keep, the joyful transformations that lead to a richer life experience wherever you are on your journey.

Join me to thrive triumphantly in this life, just as you were born to do.

Let’s Begin!

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Yoga Therapy

Namaste. As a Therapeutic Yoga practitioner and instructor, and foremost, as a Mystic, I’ve learned to “listen” closely to my innermost Self. And in turn, through my own healing journey, I have learned to listen to what your unique heart, body, and mind bring to the mat. Your yoga mat, therefore, becomes a beautiful and welcoming healing space and place for you and your life. A place of presence and a point of clarifying focus, whereon you are more able to connect to your own personal discovery and healing journey. My Private Yoga sessions will create an authentic, deeply satisfying yoga and life practice for you…One that aligns you with your most resonant and fulfilling experience of self~discovery on all levels of your being. Each one of us needs a space and time wherein we immediately feel the weights of our lives completely drop away. This healing space, I bring to you.

One purposes and pathway of Yoga is to “yoke” or connect you with an experience of your truth, wellbeing, restoration, center, and inner joy. Yoga can be an open field of natural peace~making within you. I co~create an enjoyable space where you can collect your complexity and gently lean it towards simplicity and spaciousness within. My yogic guidance helps you learn to meet yourself wherever you are with an easing into your being. As we join together in yoga practice, I offer my strength in helping you deepen your  dedication to drawing near whatever You are wanting and needing most in your life, in the here and now, including: 










…And more. Whatever it is you are seeking from your Yoga practice, and from your life, I am here to help assure that you cultivate it, naturally and effectively. Deepening your Yoga practice ultimately deepens your personal attunement and understanding of yourself. I bring a philosophical emphasis on steadiness and ease into this profoundly beneficial self-care approach. 


Depending on your inclination, I incorporate “asana” (the physical form and postures of Yogic practice), formal breath work, heart centered awareness, metta loving~kindness practice, mantra, Tibetan healing bowls and various soothing instruments, mudra (hand postures that transmit elevated states of mind and mood) visualization work, affirmations, aromatherapy, and other integrative therapies from my adjunct education and therapeutic offerings. My Certified Private Yoga instruction is entirely personalized to meet your distinctly individual wellness needs and desires! I tailor your Private sessions very thoughtfully, creating a unique, restorative, refreshing, deeply stress-reducing and healing experience that you will feel on all levels of your being as you practice! I meet you exactly where you are with compassionate, intuitive guidance as I craft your Yoga experience with a highly specialized touch.

I create an environment for you that feels deliciously good, attuned, and authentic; one that equally leaves you feeling centered, balanced, restored and psychologically uplifted as your session seals in blissful Savasana (resting pose). I focus on You and foster a restoration to your wellbeing.
And I relish in fostering the attentive and rewarding Me~Time atmosphere that my targeted Private Yoga instruction offers to you.

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AcuMind Therapy

Introducing AcuMind TherapySM, our exclusive Heart-Mind-Body integrative treatment healing model. Resting deeply in your AcuMind TherapySM  session, you will be guided towards increased physical, mental, and emotional wellness through conjoined Acupuncture, Progressive Relaxation and Mindfulness Practices, Heart-Centered Healing, Breathing Techniques, Sound, Vibrational and Energy Clearing, Guided Meditation, Visualization,  Affirmation Techniques, and Body Scanning, among other practices. Neuroscientific research and Positive Psychology richly inform these remarkably unique sessions. For those inclined. Shamanic Journeying can equally be incorporated. Our enriching sessions help you release negativity, clear, cleanse and balance your inner landscape, and help you find harmony in your being while restoring equilibrium to your body and energy systems. Sessions target alleviation and reduction of symptoms resulting from:







…And more. During your exclusive AcuMind TherapySM sessions, practitioners Steven D. Kanovitz, L.Ac. and Heidi Joy Kanovitz, M.A., combine acupuncture with deeply relaxing, releasing, and ancient mindfulness facilitations. We co-facilitate one groundbreaking methodology with profound treatment and prevention outcomes that guide you towards a more comfortable, relaxed, centered and peaceful inner world. Our conjoined Acupuncture and Heart~Mind~Body nourishing sessions emphasize inner tranquility, stress-regulation, stress-reduction, relaxation. restoration, calm, and easing into healing.  

Foremost, AcuMind TherapySM sessions offer what has become widely acknowledged as a dependable Heart~Mind~Body methodology for upleveling your emotional. mental, and physical clarity, and experience of self in day-to-day life. Our method assists you in building resiliency and vibrant health into the foundation of your life.

These sessions are highly experiential and incredibly satisfying. We warmly invite you today to experience the wonderful benefits and uniqueness of our effective treatment!

AcuMind Therapy’sSM core aim is to provide an integrative treatment for pain reduction and stress prevention. AcuMindTherapySM promotes powerful, sustaining results in the improved quality of your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

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